DURATION: 18/11/2019 - 15/12/2019

LOCATION: Saigon Centre 

  • The promotion is applicable for Rewards+ members only.
  • Promotion Duration: 18/11/2019 - 15/12/2019 (4 weeks)
  • During promotion duration, with every spending from VND1,000,000 from participating stores at Saigon Centre (including Takashimaya) and Estella Place, members can redeem 01 lucky draw turn with the following prizes:

-  5 First Prizes: Vacuum robot VND6,990,000

-  250 Consolation Prizes: VND200,000 gift card

  • During promotion duration, every member accumulating from 05 lucky turns can stand a chance to win grand draw prizes with the following prizes:

-  1 First Prize: Apple Collection VND150,000,000

-  2 Second Prizes: Home Furnishing Package VND50,000,000

-  5 Third Prizes: Samsonite suitcase VND25,000,000

-  10 Consolation Prizes: VND1,000,000 gift card

  • Receipt must be dated from November 18, 2019 and must have a payment value of VND50,000, excluding vouchers and other discount promotions, and issued by stores at Saigon Centre and Estella Place (excluding California Centuryon Club, purchasing gift cards at Saigon Centre/ Estella Place, Chanel, Bamboo Nail & Spa, Hanh Phuc Clinic).
  • Eligible lucky turns shall be published on Notification function of Rewards+ app. Each lucky turn corresponds to chance(s) to win one weekly prize and/or one grand prize (applied for members accumulating 05 lucky turns).
  • No limit of lucky turns redemption per member in the Promotion.
  • Within 15 days from the prizes' announcement date, the Organizer shall inform and award prizes directly into members' accounts by e-vouchers.
  • Each member can only win one highest prize in the weekly draw and one in grand draw.
  • Organizer reserves the right not to award, cancel the lucky turns and cancel results in the event of invalid information provided by members.
  • Members must provide full and accurate personal information including: Full name, Identity Card/ Passport no, valid phone number, email (if any) in promotion duration.
  • Members reserve the right to request Organizer to amend Rewards + member information by 48 hours from the announcement date and members must provide valid ID/Passport to the Organizer.
  • Cancellation, exchange of the lucky turns and purchasing receipts are not allowed.
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods.
  • Prizes shall be warranted in accordance with the prize provider's warranty policy (if any).
  • Receipts include: Mall name (Saigon Centre or Estella Place), store name, address, receipt number, payment value, and payment method.
  • Not applicable for event receipts, reprint receipts, handwritten receipts, deposit receipts, goods return receipts, bank slips, receipts having signs of erasing, counterfeiting or blurring information.
  • Members must snap full and clear receipts.
  • The Organizer reserves the rights to request members to present Identity Card/ Passport, receipts, products and purchasing evidences to verify information account and spending amount in promotion duration.
  • By providing personal information for Organizer, shoppers agree that Organizer can use them to promote the mall's upcoming promotion programmes of Saigon Centre, Estella Place and/or Rewards+.