Pop-up Store Hermès

DATE: 16/08 - 24/08/2017

LOCATION: Event atrium, Level 1

Discovering the latest collection of Hermès jewellery and accessories 
Hermès is the brandname that anyone loves to own one of their items. Their jewellery and accessories attach not only to famous fashion icons, but also applied by many fashionistas with their smart mix and match, which is very suitable to today's busy life. 

Come and discover the world of Hermès fashion accessories at their pop-up store named "Hermèsistible" in Saigon Centre from August 16. As it is called, you will be fascinated by their irresistible glamour. 

Hermès pop-up store is designed to simulate their enamel bangles and leather accessories, forming a tunnel of colour and light, leading you to an inspiring world of the elegant and verastile jewellery and accessories. Vibrant colours from silk scarf motif are mixed to recall cubism paintings in enamel bangles, Clic Clac bracelets clasps sound happily – their colours or sounds bring you an excitement and urge you to desire and own them. 

You’re warmly welcome to Hermes pop-up store, Hermesistible, held in main lobby, floor L1, Saigon Centre shopping mall.