DATE: 17/03 - 18/02/2018


"Live your dreams" - An exciting weekend program for the whole family

The unique event specially designed for family by VAS will be back at Saigon Centre this weekend with an updated version, much more interesting and diversified, with the theme "Live your dreams". Attending the event, children, ages 3 to 15, will have chances to participate in a lot of extremely fun and competitive games and bring home attractive gifts.

This year, the program contains four games which enable the children to showcase their talents in painting, dancing, physical movements and technology-interaction challenges including such games as Talented Artists, Racecourse Challenge, Kinect Technology-Interaction Challenge and The Dance of Youth.
In addition to 1,000 attractive VAS gift sets such as bracelets, teddy bears, tote bags, notebooks, the participants also have opportunities to receive 4 scholarships at VAS Summer Camp 2018 – More fun, faster growth. 

VAS Summer Camp attracts over 2,000 students every year. VAS truly believes that our children deserve a refreshing and joyful summer after a year of hard work. VAS Summer Camp 2018 will, therefore, develop programs that not only boost English communication with foreign coaches but also expand field trip activities and deepen the training of life skills. With these, our children will become more mature and ready for the new school year.