DURATION: from 06 to 08/03/2020
LOCATION: Saigon Centre

Celebrating International Women’s Day 8/3! Let’s send your sweet words to the women around you. 
On this occasion, when shopping at Saigon Centre, you also receive attractive gifts from Rewards + with every spending from VND1,000,000! 


Promotion duration: from 06 to 08/03/2020. The promotion is applicable for Rewards+ members only.
Every spending from VND1,000,000 can redeem 1 gift at Promotion Counter at Pasteur entrance.
Not applicable for receipts of Takashimaya’s zone; Annam Gourmet; Chanel; California Centuryon Club and purchasing gift cards at Saigon Centre.
Maximum number of gifts per member is 05 throughout the whole promotion.
Receipts from different shops can be combined and only valid for redemption on the same date of purchase.
Only printed receipts from VND50,000 and above with shop names at Saigon Centre are eligible. Handwritten and duplicate receipts are not accepted.
Shoppers have to present products purchased & receipts to exchange for coupons.
Retail tenants & their staff are not eligible to participate.
By providing personal information for Saigon Centre, shoppers agree that Saigon Centre can use them to promote the mall's upcoming promotion programs.
Saigon Centre Management reserves the right to change the rules & regulations as and when necessary.


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