Duration: 24 - 25/11/2023.

Location: Promotion Counter - L1 Saigon Centre

  • Promotion duration: 24 – 25/11/2023, or while stocks last.
  • This promotion is applicable for Rewards+ members only.
  • Members with total same-day receipts from VND3M can redeem either VND200,000 Saigon Centre gift cards or VND200,000 vouchers.
  • Each member can redeem maximum 03 gifts throughout the promotion. Gifts are given randomly
  • Receipts are valid on the same date of purchase and can be combined maximum from 05 different shops.
  • Receipts must have the final amount paid from VND50,000, excluding vouchers and other discount promotions.
  • Not applicable for receipts of Takashimaya, Annam Gourmet, California Centuryon Club, Chanel, and purchasing gift cards at Saigon Centre.
  • Event receipts, handwritten receipts, deposit receipts, goods return receipts, top-up receipts, bank slips, receipts having sign of erasing, counterfeiting or blurring information are not accepted for Rewards+ point accumulation and gift redemption.
  • The promotion is not concurrently applicable with other Rewards+ promotions for new members or members with spending.
  • To redeem gifts, members must present their IDs/Passports, app member codes, receipts and products purchased.
  • Only owners of members’ accounts with matching members’ information are eligible for redemption. Saigon Centre does not accept redemption on behalf.
  • Members redeem directly at Promotion Counter, Level 1. Saigon Centre will not accept redemption by other methods.
  • Retail tenants & their staff are not eligible to participate in the promotion (despite having required receipts).
  • By providing personal information for Saigon Centre, members agree that Saigon Centre can use them to promote the mall’s upcoming promotion programmes.
  • Members must comply with terms and conditions of Rewards+ loyalty programmes.
  • Saigon Centre Management reserves the right to change the rules & regulations as and when necessary.